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Welcome to We are a UK based online bidding company where users can find brand name products at low prices through our online auctions. Our fast paced auctions offer a unique and fun alternative to typical auction shopping. Register today to have fun bidding in penny auctions and reveal auctions, while saving a significant amount of money on high quality merchandise.

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The first step is to register with our online auction site and buy bids. The price per bid varies, according to the bid pack you select. Register now for 5 free bids, in addition to the bid pack you choose. Once you have purchased a bid pack, you are ready to browse the auctions and start bidding. Everything for sale in our live auctions is brand new and comes with manufacturer's warranties.

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It's easy to bid online in our penny auction. You can place one bid at a time on the item you are bidding on, or select the Auto Bid feature to automatically increase your bid up to the minimum you select. Browse our website to learn more about our online bidding process, types of live auctions and opportunities for free auctions and how to earn free bids.

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The online bidding process is simple. The listing for each live auction contains the title and photograph of the product, the market price is listed, along with the current bid and an online auction countdown timer. Every bid on the auction raises the price by one pence. When the clock runs out, the person with the winning bid gets to purchase the item at the bid amount when the timer reaches zero.