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Product Detail
  • The vibrant new dimension of fascia massage
  • Active regeneration of your muscles and fascia for your daily well-being routine- Even more effective with vibrating action
  • Noticeably increase the elasticity and the power of your muscles with little effort and simple exercises.
  • The strength of the vibrating action on the blackroll orange Vyper can be adjusted to three levels.
  • Included in delivery: 1 x blackroll orange VYPER massage roller, 30 cm. Charger for built-in lithium-ion battery, 1 x blackroll orange VYPER booklet, 1 x exercise DVD with massage roller exercises, 1 x blackroll orange exercise booklet

Maintain optimum Blackroll Orange Vyper Active regeneration of muscles and fasciae For your daily well-being; Vibrating the vibrating core the Blackroll Orange Vyper combines the known effects of classical Self Massage with the Blackroll Orange now with a 3-part vibration.
Boost with low effort and perceptibly Simple exercises the elasticity and the capacity of the muscles. Thanks to the additional vibration function can be now more effective pain reduced, adhesion the liner and the muscles gelockert.
'The massage effect is supported by the the Blackroll Orange Vyper of vibrations different types. One of "tangle free the strong vibrations the pain receptors.
The effect: The selective load of trigger the pads is considered much less painful. On the other hand brings the vibration the muscles in the vibration and improves the blood circulation and regeneration. The vibration strength the Blackroll Orange Vyper can be adjusted in 3 levels.
A wide range of exercises on the DVD and Vyper booklet are included so that you can get started straight away (instructional DVD for exercises without vibration). We recommend the Vyper For Active Sport and professional athletes.

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