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Product Detail
  • 2 adjustable levels of stability offering a unique training tool for group instructorsCore Board
  • 8 location points for attaching Reebok Power Tubes
  • Effective in improving balance and core strength
  • Non-slip rubber surface provides a great platform for aerobic training
  • Dimensions: 72 (L) x 53 (W) x 17 (H) cm

Product Description

The Reebok professional core board provides an unstable platform that can be used by both beginners and advanced users to help improve strength and function of the core muscles with its ability to tilt, twist and recoil against the body's natural movements. When you stand on the core board, all of your muscles from your feet to your hips, lower back and ABS, need to work much harder to keep your body stable. It's a simple equation but the more your muscles are working, the more calories burned. By incorporating dynamic core board exercises into your fitness regime, you'll enhance the activity in all of your core muscles and tone up your mid-section. Featuring 2 adjustable levels of stability, plus 8 points around the perimeter which can be used to attach resistance bands (sold separately), the Reebok core board is a versatile fitness accessory and unique training tool for group instructors and personal trainers. Its non-slip rubber surface keeps your feet gripped to the surface throughout your instability training, and the core board's solid, sturdy and reliable construction means it's durable for sustained use.

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