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DJI Spark Fly Combo, Alpine White

DJI Spark Fly Combo, Alpine White

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Feb 11th, 20:03:43 teadybear Auto-BidBid
Feb 11th, 20:03:35 SnuggleMoo Single Bid
Feb 11th, 20:03:30 teadybear Auto-BidBid
Feb 11th, 20:03:24 SnuggleMoo Single Bid
Feb 11th, 20:03:18 teadybear Auto-BidBid
Feb 11th, 20:03:12 SnuggleMoo Single Bid
Feb 11th, 20:03:07 teadybear Auto-BidBid
Feb 11th, 20:03:00 SnuggleMoo Single Bid
Feb 11th, 20:02:54 ophoude1 Single Bid
Feb 11th, 20:02:48 teadybear Auto-BidBid

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    1p auction
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    Sun, Feb 10th 2019, 20:11:38
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    Mon, Feb 11th 2019, 20:03:52
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    Product Description

    <span itemprop="description"><p>The Spark Combo comes with extra bits and pieces such as a remote controller, pair of propeller guards, battery charging hub and more for added flying fun. Easy to operate and small enough to take anywhere, DJI's Spark drone with powerful on-board camera lets you capture each and every moment. It's designed to recognise you, so you can launch it from the palm of your hand and control it with a few simple gestures. ...
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