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Ghd Curvea Soft Curl Tong

Ghd Curvea Soft Curl Tong

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Jan 12th, 19:37:21 lime Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:37:13 redmouth Auto-BidBid
Jan 12th, 19:37:07 lime Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:36:54 redmouth Auto-BidBid
Jan 12th, 19:36:45 tootsiekiller Auto-BidBid
Jan 12th, 19:36:39 GoldieLocks Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:36:28 lime Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:36:21 GoldieLocks Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:36:10 Kermit Single Bid
Jan 12th, 19:36:01 GoldieLocks Single Bid

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    1p auction
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    Fri, Jan 11th 2019, 20:59:54
    End time:
    Sat, Jan 12th 2019, 19:37:36
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    Items delivered within 7 days of payment excluding shipping cost. Shipping cost may vary depending on the item.


    Product Description

    <span itemprop="description"><p>The ghd curve® Soft Curl Tong is ideal for soft tumbling curls and for creating volume at the root. The ultra-zone technology allows consistent curls in just 5-8 seconds.</p><p>The ghd curve® Soft Curl Tong has a 32mm large barrel with a spring activated ergonomic lever to give volume at the roots and soft tumbling curls on longer hair. The protective cool tip provides you with a safe place to hold the hair in place ...
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