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LEGO Creator 10256 Taj Mahal

LEGO Creator 10256 Taj Mahal

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Mar 17th, 20:15:43 DollyDolphin Single Bid
Mar 17th, 20:15:36 Lamb Auto-BidBid
Mar 17th, 20:15:30 DollyDolphin Single Bid
Mar 17th, 20:15:20 Lamb Auto-BidBid
Mar 17th, 20:15:12 DollyDolphin Single Bid
Mar 17th, 20:15:03 Lamb Auto-BidBid
Mar 17th, 20:14:55 Outlaw Single Bid
Mar 17th, 20:14:47 Lamb Auto-BidBid
Mar 17th, 20:14:40 Outlaw Single Bid
Mar 17th, 20:14:34 Lamb Auto-BidBid

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    1p auction
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    Sat, Mar 16th 2019, 19:56:40
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    Sun, Mar 17th 2019, 20:15:56
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    Product Description

    <span itemprop="description"><ul><li>LEGO interpretation of the real-world architectural wonder - the Taj Mahal<li>This toy is most suitable for children aged 16+ years old<li>Relaunched 2008 model, featuring 4 facades with arches and arched windows; central dome, 4 subsidiary domed chambers and 4 minarets, all topped with decorative finials; raised platform lined with recessed arches; ornate detailing throughout; and intricate tilework around the base<li>Divides into 7 modular sections for easier transportation.<li>This set includes over 5,900 LEGO® pieces and ...
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