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PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset

PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset

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Feb 12th, 19:05:43 stilldancer Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:05:32 envelar3R Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:05:23 stilldancer Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:05:15 envelar3R Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:05:06 stilldancer Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:04:57 envelar3R Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:04:50 stilldancer Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:04:39 BlackWalnut Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:04:30 stilldancer Single Bid
Feb 12th, 19:04:22 rosecatcher Single Bid

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    Nailbiter auction
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    Mon, Feb 11th 2019, 20:58:02
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    Tue, Feb 12th 2019, 19:05:55
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    Items delivered within 7 days of payment excluding shipping cost. Shipping cost may vary depending on the item.


    Product Description

    <span itemprop="description"><p>Block out all disruptive sounds and annoying sounds to immerse yourself even further into your PS4 games with these wireless headset.</p> <p><strong>Noise-cancelling microphone</strong><br>It's constructed with a multi-position, noise-cancelling microphones for crystal clear dialogue between you and the rest of the gaming community.</p><p><strong>3D audio setup</strong><br>The foldable headset is fitted with a 3.5mm jack for use with PS VR and mobile devices. Its 3D Audio mode guarantees precision sound from every direction, so you are fully ...
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