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  • My Account

  • Is registration at BidBid for free?

    Yes, registration at BidBid is absolutely free and will always be free.

  • Who can join BidBid?

    Anyone across the globe who are 18 years old and above and are interested in auctions can join BidBid. However, employees of BidBid as well as their families and relatives, as well as resellers are not eligible to join.

  • How to join BidBid?

    Simply click the Sign In button and fill in the necessary details. This includes your name, address, email address, username and password. BidBid will then send you a verification email with link you should click to confirm your registration. Afterward, you can log in at your BidBid 'My Account' and start choosing from the items for bidding.

    If our verification email did not arrive at your Inbox immediately, please check your 'Spam' or Junk' email. We also suggest to include BidBid in your list of 'safe senders.'

  • Can I change my username?

    Unfortunately, you cannot change your username. We therefore suggest that you choose a decent username and will not be offensive to others. If you notice users with abusive usernames, please contact our customer service team at

  • Can I change my password?

    Yes, you can change your password anytime and as many times you can. Just visit your 'My Account' page, then 'Change Password' where you can Enter your new password.

    For your own protection, we strongly suggest to use very strong password – combination of letters, numbers and characters. Don't use your birth date or anything related to you. We also recommend changing your password at least twice a month.

  • Can I change my name and email address?

    Yes, you can. However, you need to prove first that you are really the one requesting for the change. Please contact our customer service team by sending an email to and submit your Name, Username, Address and Phone Number.

    After we confirmed that the details you sent to us are true and correct, you can now change your name and email address. However, your new email address should be unique and has not been previously registered at BidBid

  • Bidding

  • What is the 'Buy It Now' feature?

    The 'Buy it now' feature allows registered users to buy certain products any time during the auction and within 1 hour after the auction has ended. This can be done by clicking the blue 'Buy' button in the "Buy This Product Now" section of the Auction Detail page. However, this feature is not applicable to all items.

  • How can I place a bid?

    Once you become a registered users, you are now entitled to place a bid. Browse our site and select the one you want to place a bid by clicking the 'Bid Now' button. You can also use Auto Bid, where you can place a bid by setting the date of bid in advance. This features allows you place a bid automatically and even you are not online. For more information.

  • Who will win the bid?

    Every item for bidding has a countdown timer, which shows the time left for placing a bid. The bidding time ends once the clock reaches to zero. While the clock is running, the last user to place a bid shall be declared the winning bidder. For more information, please visit our 'Help Center.'

  • Payment

  • What are the acceptable modes of payments?

    We accept online payments such as Paypal and Stripe. We also accept payments via credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

  • How do your protect your users while making payments?

    Protecting our users when making payments is top of our priorities. For security purposes, we use Secure Socket Layering (SSL) when processing online payments.

  • Do all the items have warranties on your items?

    All items sold at BidBid are brand new and have warranties from their respective manufacturers, not from us. The type of warranty may vary depending on the item and its manufacturer. If you receive a faulty product or an item not similar to what appeared at BidBid, please contact us immediately at

  • Buy it now

  • How long will I receive the item?

    In general, delivery time depends on the location of the recipient and the type of item to be shipped. But as a guide, an estimated delivery period is indicated in the auction pages. In most cases, delivery time is seven (7) days. We will inform you once we already shipped the item.

    Most of the items we send come directly from our suppliers, and are expected to be delivered soon. But if 14 days have passed and you still did not receive the item, please contact us via

  • Shipment

  • If I will be the winner, how can I receive the item?

    The winning bidder shall go to his 'My Bid' (under the 'My Unpaid Auctions') so he can pay for the final bidding price and the necessary shipping fee. The item will be shipped to the winner after he receive an email (and invoice) from BidBid, confirming that the payment has been received.

  • How long should I pay before the item will be shipped?

    You still have 21 days after the auction has ended to make the necessary payment. Once you failed to pay on time, BidBid will automatically revoke your right to pay and the item will not be sent to you. In addition, you should for the storage fee for the unclaimed item.

  • Where do you ship items?

    Currently, we ship items around the world except to the U.S. sovereign territories of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as other restricted areas.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

    Shipping fee depends on the location of the recipient and the type of item to be shipped. They are not included in the auction price, but will automatically be added to the amount the winner shall pay before the item will be shipped.

  • Refund Policy

  • Can I cancel the order?

    Yes, you can. However, you should inform us within 14 days after you have been notified that the item is ready for shipping. Otherwise, your order is considered valid and you are obliged to pay for the item and shipping fee. Cancellation of orders should be done through email or post mail. Phone calls are not allowed and will not be entertained.

  • Can I return the item?

    Yes, you can but not always. First, you should return the item within 14 days after you received the item. In addition, the item should be in its original working condition and box and has no damage whatsoever. You are also obliged to pay for shipping cost back to BidBid.

    Among the items that are not returnable include computer software, and audio or video recordings.

    If you will return the item with some missing parts but still working, you have to pay for that missing part. The amount shall be deducted from the refund cost.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can. BidBid shall issue a refund to you once cancellation process has been completed. The refund amount is equal to the amount you paid for the final auction price. However, the amount placed on that auction is not refundable.

  • Privacy

  • How do you protect the privacy of your users?

    The privacy of our users is part of our commitment and priorities. We do not give away or sell any private information of our users. We will also never ask for your password or banking information through email. All your personal details

    As a safety reminder, we strongly suggest that you use a very strong password and change it at least twice a week, and don't share it to others. Be careful in opening emails, and make sure that the email you receive from BidBid really came from us. Submit all your personal details to us directly to our website.

    If you find suspicious activities at BidBid or pretending to be us, please contact us immediately at

  • Special Cases

  • What if the item I bought/won is not available?

    On very rare occasions, the specific item you bought or won might not be available. In such cases, we will offer you a substitute product or an equivalent item. Most of these replacement products have a higher version of the original one.

  • What will happen to auctions if there is a system outage?

    Despite our strong effort to keep working 24 hours a day, there might still an occasional system outage or unexpected technical failure. Therefore, users might not be able to log in to our website to place a bid. In addition, the countdown timer will temporarily stop.

    Once this happens, the bidding price and the current highest bidder remain. Once the website is already running smoothly, we will add 10 minutes to the remaining time to place a bid. We will put an indicator to all auctions that were affected by the downtime.