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How does BidBid work?

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  • Add to watch list: Add auctions you are interested in to your watch list for easy reference later. You can then view and bid on them all from one page whenever you log into your account.
  • This icon indicates user ID.
  • Penny Auctions: Pay a predetermined price for each bid, and when each bid is placed, the item price increases by a penny (0.01).
  • Reverse Auctions: Watch as the auction price decreases, as the timer goes on. A brand new style of auction. Watch the price decrease and pay less.
  • Free Auctions: You can bid without bids being debited from your account. Therefore, it costs absolutely nothing for a member to place a bid during a free auction.
  • Beginner Auctions: Beginner Auctions only allow new members to bid on items. Members who have been registered for less than 30 days.
  • Nailbiter Auctions: Users have to stay at their computer in order to follow the auction and place the highest bid as the bidbutler is disabled for this auction type.
  • Night Auction: Night Auctions are auctions that run between certain times of the day.
  • Open Auction: Open Auctions are auctions that users can bid on regardless of how many auctions they have won in any given time frame.
  • Seated Auction: A Seated Auction has a predetermined amount of seats that need to be sold before the auction starts. The auction start date and time will be displayed if you are logged in as a customer.