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How does BidBid work?

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1. Product Name

Product names and photos go here. Everyday offers a variety of brand new products with original packaging and receipts.

2. Time Remaining

This represents the time remaining for the auction. It resets everytime a bid is placed. When this timer hits 00:00:00, the last bidder is the final winner of this auction. Once an auction reaches the 10 seconds the background will change to red to let users know they have less than 10 seconds to bid on the auction.

3. Value Price

The "Value price" reflects the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). Retail prices will vary according to current market prices.

4. Last Bidder

The last person to place a bid or the final winner is shown here.

5. Auction Type

This pin tells you what type of auction is running.

6. Countdown Timer

This indicates the countdown timer for the auction. The time remaining (refer to 2 above) resets to the number shown here after a bid is placed.

7. Final Price

Standard auctions start at £0.01 and increase by a pence with each bid placed. After an auction ends, this is the final price that the winner pays to receive the item.

8. Bid Button

Once you have registered, you can bid on items by clicking this button. This button may turn to grey indicating the auction has ended, or pink for the final winner to claim the item.