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Find Out How Free Online Auctions Work From

Auction Description

Describes the name of Auction
Buy this item at any time during the auction
Indicates the Bidder's username
Bid multiplier (number of bids deducted from your account each time you press the bid button)
Countdown timer displays the time left to bid on the item .. Resets to another 15 seconds when bid placed is during the 15 second countdown period
  • Apple iPad 64GB Wifi

    • Penny Auctions:Pay a predetermined price for each bid, and when each bid is placed, the item price increases by a penny (0.01).
    • Featured Auction: Featured auctions are often ones that are picked out by the site as the most popular item for sale.
    • Peak Auctions:Peak Auctions are set to automatically pause and resume at peak times.
    • Nailbiter Auctions:Users have to stay at their computer in order to follow the auction and place the highest bid.
    • Free Auctions:You can bid without bids being debited from your account. Therefore, it costs absolutely nothing for a member to place a bid during a free auction.
    • Beginner Auctions:Beginner Auctions only allow new members to bid on items. Members who have been registered for less than 30 days.
Please take mouse (Hover) into each Aution type icon on the left to get detail
Current auction
"Bid now" button allows you to place your bids in auctions

Our steps in more detail

Register on the website
Purchase the bid voucher
that suits you most
Choose the item
you would like to bid on
Start bidding by clicking on the 'Bid Now' button. The price of every item starts at zero. Every time you place a bid, one bid gets deducted from your account and the item's price increases by one pence
If you're the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, you've won the auction!
You're almost done! All you need to do now is proceed to the checkout page and pay for your won auction.