About Us

Bidbid is an innovative online auction website offering thousands of online auctions with all kinds of goods imaginable: starting with household items and ending with prestigious smartphones and high class jewelry. At bidbid you can find an almost infinite assortment of electronic devices, TVs, pieces of clothes, accessories, books and other objects starting from £0 and sold at bargain prices.


If you’re an experienced bidder, you might remember how online auctions took place before: poor service, paid subscription on a bidding website that didn’t even have what you were looking for. Bidbid takes all the frustration out of your bidding experience - simply enjoy your free subscription and participate in online auctions on our bidding website.



We sell fascinating objects to customers from all of the countries in the world as we strive to develop internationally. Our online auction website works perfectly for both newbies and savvy bidders. Even if you’ve never tried bidding online in your life, don’t worry - bidbid is a fully comprehensive bidding website that is absolutely clear for those who are only entering the world of online auctions. At the same time, experienced bidders would profit from real online auction battles for the most valuable items. Choose your strategy wisely and fight for your desired objects!



Bidbid offers you a great opportunity of bidding that doesn’t require your live presence on an online auction. Simply leave an absentee bid and wait for the results - our smart system will place your bids so that you can spend your time on what really matters. However, if you are that kind of person who wants to have a full control of a situation and react immediately, full-engagement option would work for you the best. In order to make sure that all of your information is safe before, during and after online auctions on bidbid, we provide you with a fully secure bidder network.



Bidbid passionately follows its values that are always in our hearts and minds. What are these values?

  • Customer first. For bidbid team there’s nothing more important than our customers. We do our best to deliver you the most exciting online auction experience possible. Moreover, we do care about your needs, preferences and personal data security.
  • Honesty. Bargaining is known to be a highly complicated process that usually involves frauds, tricks and other types of deception. At bidbid we strive to break the stereotypes about bargaining by offering honest and transparent online auctions. No buzzwords, no tricks - everything is simple, easy and open.
  • Innovation. Online auction industry is rapidly developing every day, therefore, our team believes that innovations are crucial for a top-notch bidding website. Our online auction website is always up-to-date and offers only the most recent, high quality and unique objects.
  • Flexibility. Working in such an ever-changing field as online auctions requires a rapid reaction and constant flexibility. Thus, we always aspire to provide our customers with the most flexible bidding conditions possible.


Bidbid treasures are here to be discovered by you. Don’t miss your chance and wait until somebody else makes a deal of their life! Take the action now and sign up for free [Here].




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