BidBid is an innovative online platform offering exclusive auctions where you can buy different must-have objects at astonishingly low prices. In order to participate in such auctions you first need to make your personal account. No worries - it’s absolutely for free! The next step that you need to undertake is to buy the so-called “bids”. Each bid raises the price of an item by 1 pence and prolongs auctions on between 5-20 seconds. If you want to get more details about the process of bidding, please visit our How It Works page.

Bidbid offers a wide range of bid packages, beginning from extra small ones for £10 (100 bids) and ending with premium packages for £1000 (10000 bids). The price of packages also depends on the amount of bonus points it includes. Read further to get to know what bonus points are!


Bonus points are usually given to you when you purchase bids on our website. With these points you can further get bids or (products) in the Redeem Reward Points section in your profile. For only 100 points you can receive up to 10 bids - grab your bids now and don’t miss any auctions at BidBid!


Buying bids at bidbid is as easy as ABC: simply click on the Buy Bids section in your account and select the package that works best for you!


Bidbid offers a wide selection of exclusively new products that have never been used and even unpacked before. Out team strives to deliver only the highest quality products to our clients, therefore, every items goes through a thorough selection and inspection before appearing on our auctions.


Sure. All of our products are brand new and are ordered straight from the manufacturer. Thus, we provide you with a full warranty from the producer of your purchased item.


Yes, sometimes a Win Limit appears when you bid on a particular auction. In certain cases you might be allowed to bid a limited number of times on an items due to various reasons, this is what we call a Win Limit.



There’s no obligatory number of bids you need to have to take part in an auction. However, we strongly recommend you to prepare beforehand and purchase a sufficient number of bids in order to win. According to our experience, you would need 150 bids on average to win an auction, therefore, our 200 bids package will work perfectly for you if it’s your first auction!


The possibility of refund depends on the type of the auction you participated in. In some cases bidbid might give you a certain percentage of bids back if you don’t win. Such actions are called bids back auctions.


Sure! Our team comprises of experienced specialists in bidding, therefore, we can give you a couple of recommendations that might help you to start:

  • Opt for inexpensive items first. They are in a lower demand, and thus are not sought after by professional bidders. Such auctions may help you to understand how bidding works and develop your own strategies.
  • Check out finished auctions and compare the final prices of items you’re bidding on. This can help you to predict when and how the current auction finishes.
  • Take into account the number of bidders. We recommend you to step into an auction when there’re only a few bidders competing. Thus, your chances to win would raise significantly.
  • Choose a right time to bid. Monitor the bidbid auctions and select the time when the lowest number of bidders are participating. Our experts advise you to bid around 8 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Use the Auto Bid function. If an auction is not even close to the end and you need to go to work soon, opt for Auto Bidding. Simply select the number of bids you want to spend, and our system will do all the rest automatically!


Auto Bid automatically places your bids according to the requirements you set before leaving an auction. Our Auto Bid feature functions at any time of the day and night, and thus can help you to win our auctions regardless of how busy you are!


Simply open the page of an auction and click on the Auto Bid button. Select the number of bids you are going to spend, and all the rest will be done automatically by our smart system!


Congrats - you’re the winner of the auction! In this case you will pay only the price of 1 bid and additional shipping costs that are displayed in the auction profile.


Yes! Sometimes bidbid organizes auctions and special promotions where our users can win bids. Also, don’t forget about your bonus points that you can spend on purchasing extra bids.


Sure! This is the main principle of bargaining - bidding as many times as possible. Only this can help you to win an auction.


No, the main principle of bidbid is to increase the price of a product on 1 pence per bid only unless otherwise stated on the auctions details page. The bidder who is the last one to increase the price becomes a winner and gets their so much sought-after product!


Yes, bidbid offers you a unique option of monitoring your auctions even when you’re far from your PC. Click on the “+” button on the auction page to turn on SMS or Email notifications and stay always updated! These auctions will be saved in your Watchlist.


An auction ends as soon as it reaches 0 on the countdown. You need to bid before the remaining time reaches 0 in order to become the last bidder and win.


“Checking” is a safeguard to ensure all users have a fair experience.

As the timer reaches zero, the technical platform on which BidBid runs, sends the server a request to make sure that no other bids have been placed.

During this time, the user sees “Checking” instead of the auction timer. The duration for which the user sees “Checking” on his screen is dependent on the user’s Computer speed and Internet connection.

During this time, the BidBid Auction Server is checking to see if the Auction should actually be closed or bidding should continue.



Our platform accepts PayPal as well as payments with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express). If you have any problems with paying at bidbid, please contact our support team.


Sure, bidbid offers international shipping options. Even if you live in another corner of the world, we will deliver your product without any problems! Nevertheless, keep in mind that additional shipping charges can be applied.


Yes. If you are not satisfied with the product you received or found defects in it, you can return the item back to us within 7 days after receiving it. Please don’t forget that you will need to pay the return shipping fees on your own.



To start bidding on bidbid you need to create your own account on our website. Simply click on Register button in the upper right corner, provide your contact details, create your password and fill in a voucher code if you have one. Done! Confirm your registration via email and enjoy all the features of bidbid! You can add other necessary information later in your profile by clicking on My Account or Edit Profile sections once you’re logged in.


Please check your spam box, our activation email can accidentally appear in this section of your inbox. If you have problems with receiving an activation email, please contact our support team and we will do our best to help you!


Click on the Forgot password button on the Login page, and you will receive an email with further instructions that you need to follow to set a new password.


Sure. Open Change Password section in your account and fill in your current and new passwords.


Yes. You can delete your account from bidbid platform in the Cancel Account section. Please keep in mind that by cancelling your account you agree with our Terms and Conditions []. Moreover, all of your unused bids will be automatically deleted and we will not be able to refund them. Thus, think twice before cancelling your account! According to our Privacy Policy, all of your data is secured and safely protected.


No, according to the regulations of bidbid one user can have no more than one account.