Responsible Bidding


There is no doubt that bidding websites are a brand-new manner of shopping bringing much fun and excitement. Online auctions are thrilling as they provide necessary and desired items at bargain prices that are usually significantly lower than market prices. As bidbid team strives to deliver you the best bidding experience, we do care about your safety and would like to eliminate psychological, financial or any other risks that might be caused by the participation in online auctions. This guideline is to provide you with vital advice on how to bid responsibly in order to enjoy your bargaining experience even more and prevent any negative consequences of bidding.



As bidding involves a time-constrained risky activity, it might sometimes cause the same feelings as while playing games of chance. Competing with dozens of bidders for an item on an online auction, placing bids one second before an auction ends, not knowing who will bid next - all these factors highly influence bidder’s psychological state and bring excitement, in some cases of an addictive character. Therefore, excessive and uncontrolled bidding on online auctions can result in addiction as well as personal and psychological distress. We strongly recommend you to prevent addictive behavior by following the guidelines we collected for your safety on bidbid.



 We would kindly ask you to carefully read these guidelines of responsible bidding and try to follow them in your online auction practice on bidbid.

  • Make pauses between bidding sessions. Taking a rest between online auctions will let you become more alert and, thus, make conscious decisions.
  • Prepare for bidding beforehand. Do research concerning a selected item and buy a sufficient amount of bids on bidbid.
  • Determine your monthly budget and do not overspend it regardless of how much you need or like an object that is already out of your financial opportunities.
  • Decide on your financial limits for the items you are going to bid on. Make an extensive research about a selected object in order to get to know its technical or any other features and its average price on the market. Always remember that your main goal while bidding on bidbid is to make a great deal and purchase an item at a lower price. Therefore, when you see that the price of an item gets the same as or even higher than the market price, we would recommend you to leave such an online auction.
  • Be a smart bidder. Don’t go into a battle with hundreds of other bidders who simply place a bid as soon as you make one. If this is the item you crucially need or long for, wait until the countdown reaches 10 seconds and place a bid in the last moments of the online auction. Thus, your chances of winning the object would raise considerably.
  • Do not bid when you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any psychotropic medicine. Also, never bid simply for fun - online auctions are a serious process that requires your full attention and concentration.